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----- Project and Program Management Symposium 2021 -----

Theme: Delivering project success in the next decade

Venue: The Canberra Rex Hotel

Foresight is more valuable then hindsight! PGCS 2021 is designed to help project and program managers, and their sponsors and senior managers, develop the skills and understanding needed to deliver projects success in the next decade.

Creating the organisational capability needed to underpin the consistent delivery of successful projects in the 2020's starts at the top. Leadership and a sustained focus are required to build a culture of excellence that can: balance innovation with surveillance and accountability, encourage learning, and manage knowledge effectively. All three elements need to work in unison to solve the unique challenges and complex problems that arise with every project.

Now in its 8th year, PGCS 2021 will focus on ways to build the foundations needed to create project and program success including creating:

You are invited to be part of this journey, by sharing your knowledge and expertise by:

Previous PGCS presentations and papers are available for free download from the PGCS library

Through its history, Australia has been built on projects like the original Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme, national highways and railroads, and Defence projects worth billions of dollars.

Effective project management has been critical to our success as a nation and this is just as important in the decade ahead.

A highlight of the symposium is its access to thought leaders from the USA and Europe. Each year, selected speakers from overseas are brought to the symposium to share knowledge and provide an international perspective on project and portfolio management.

More than anything else, the symposium is about connection. This is perhaps the only symposium that actively engages practitioners with the academic community. It fosters a strong defence and public sector attendance, with industry, and with project governance and controls specialists. And it doesn't matter which project management professional body you belong to - this symposium is non-tribal from the opening address through to conclusion - it truly is about sharing knowledge and improving project outcomes.

Keynote Speakers

Glen Alleman
Mr Glen Alleman
Chris Carson
Mr Chris Carson
Chris Deeble
Mr Chris Deeble
Val Jonas
Mrs Val Jonas

Key Dates



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