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PGCS Webinar Series

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Once registered, you will have access to all monthly presentations. An email reminder will be sent 24 hours prior to the webinar which will include the link to the Webinar Series Portal and your log in details.

*Please note that if a presenter is not available during their presentation time, all questions will be responded to and provided in an FAQ document post webinar.

The PGCS monthly webinar series, which has been developed for the CASG and the Defence Program and Project Management Community, will deliver a series of one-hour monthly webinar session.

With the permission of the CASG, the PGCS is pleased to extend this webinar series to the "whole of Government".

This monthly program has been designed to provide relevant project management and project controls topics for further professionalisation, whilst hearing from experienced international and defence industry speakers.

Attendees also have the ability to engage in a live typed Q&A with presenters* and discussion forum with other attendees during sessions.

You can register for the Webinar Series with the below registration button.

Next Presentation:

Estimation - Creating the balance between precision and uncertainty

Presenter: Barbara Roberts (UK)

June 21 2023, 12:00pm

Webinar Outline:

Estimates need to be viewed from two sides, the requestor, and the creator. All too often there are misunderstandings or mismatched expectations between the two sides, resulting in estimates that do not meet the intended purpose.

Building an understanding of how estimating works enables more constructive conversations between the two sides and naturally leads to better estimates.

Using a mix of theory and real-life examples, the presentation will cover the following topics:

After participating in the webinar, participants will be better positioned to engage in developing and presenting quality estimates for their projects.

Target Audience:

This webinar is intended for people who are currently involved in estimating, or need to make decisions based on an estimate prepared by someone else.

Others who would benefit from attending this presentation include project management practitioners, and their managers involved in program and portfolio management.

Presenter Line Up

  • ES Webinar

    ES Webinar

    March 2023 is 20 years after the publication of the seminal paper Schedule is Different, in The Measurable News. This was the paper that introduced the concept of Earned Schedule to the world.

    Earned Schedule (ES) is a breakthrough analytical technique that resolved the inability of Earned Value Management (EVM) to predict the project completion date. It is derived from, and is an extension to, EVM that uses normal EVM data. But, in contrast to the cost-based indicators from EVM, the ES schedule performance indicators are time-based, and provide a status and predictive ability for schedule outcomes, analogous to the facility for cost status and cost predictions when using traditional EVM. For more on how ES works and to download the free tools, visit the ES Home Page.

    View the recorded presentations at

  • Teresa Lawrence

    Teresa Lawrence, PhD, PMP, CSM

    International Deliverables, LLC, New York, USA

    Teresa Lawrence, PhD, PMP, CSM is recognized as the subject matter expert on the integration of Creative Problem Solving into Project Management. Teresa provides professional services in creativity, creative problem solving, process evaluation, project management and a variety of development supports to help organizations innovate and implement solutions that build organizational capacity and ensure value realization. Teresa is a certified FourSight facilitator. Teresa is president and owner of International Deliverables, LLC, a New York State Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and a 2019 Small Business Administration Home-based Business Award recipient. Since 2017, over 80K individuals have been trained by Teresa or have participated in a problem solving session she facilitated. Teresa is a former superintendent of schools in New York State.

  • Patrick Weaver

    Patrick Weaver

    Managing Director of Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd.

    Patrick Weaver, PMP, PMI-SP, is the Managing Director of Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd, an Australian consultancy specialising in project control systems. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and has been an PMI Member since 1998.

    Patrick has over 50 years' experience in Project Management. His career was initially focused on the planning and managing of construction, and infrastructure projects in the UK and Australia. The last 35 years has seen his businesses and experience expand to include the successful delivery of project support services in a wide range of organisations and industries, with a strong focus on project controls, training, and forensic analysis.

  • Barbara Roberts

    Barbara Roberts

    Agile Transformation Consultant

    I was part of the Agile Business Consortium (previously called the DSDM Consortium) from its inception, helping to form the 1st "formal" Rapid Application Development approach (DSDM v1) in 1994/5. I was the Consortium's Professional Development director for 20+ years. Creating AgilePM was my initial idea (this has now surpassed 200,000 exams.) I wrote / co-authored many of the published Consortium's guidance books, most recently leading the team to create Agile Portfolio Management.

    I specialise in Agile in the complex corporate world and am often invited to present at global events and to talk to large corporate organisations (e.g. 3 trips to Australia 2016, 2017, 2018. In 2018 I also launched Agile Portfolio Management in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (before it was launched in the UK).

    I have led many successful Agile transformations in all sectors, providing coaching and mentoring at all levels. This has given me wide experience, understanding of (and sympathy for) the issues faced within large corporate organisations. These experiences have ensured I take a very pragmatic approach, since transformations are rarely if ever done "by the book". I have also built a number of long-standing commercial relationships with organisations across the globe.

    As a fully trained estimator (a very rare breed!), I am passionate to spread a better understanding of how to estimate, and have created an on-line self-learning Estimating for Agile course. Previously I worked as the estimation advisor for a consortium of suppliers submitting a bid (based on an agile approach) to the UK Ministry of Defence for building the electronic navigation systems for the Euro fighters. Our bid won the contract and the solution was delivered successfully.

    I have written or co-authored several White Papers to address specific agile issues e.g. "Agile Project Management – Not a Contradiction" to address the misconception that agile doesn't need projects, and "Agile Wars" condemning the "my agile is better than your agile" mentality. I am a signatory of the Agnostic Agile Approach, promising to give unbiased advice on the best agile approach, or blend of approaches for each organisation I work with.

    In 2020 I was recognised by Lean In Agile as one of 100 women who have made a significant contribution to agile across the globe.

Previous Webinars

Controlling Projects Without a Critical Path

Presenter: Patrick Weaver, Australia, Managing Director of Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd.

May 17 2023, 12:00pm

Webinar Outline

This webinar will discuss developments in the control of projects that are not suited to traditional Critical Path scheduling (CMP). CPM assumes there is one right way to undertake the work of a project and this can be modelled in a CPM schedule. Experience shows there are many types of project where this assumption is simply not
correct; there is an ongoing level of flexibility in the sequencing of work that can be exploited to the benefit of the project and the client. This presentation will:

After participating in the webinar, participants will be aware of the problems, challenges, and opportunities presented by adapting an improved management approach to control agile, adaptive, and distributed projects.

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The Sophisticated Problem Solver: Separating Idea Generation from Idea Evaluation.

Presenter: Teresa Lawrence USA, International Deliverables, LLC.

April 19 2023, 12:00pm

Webinar Outline:

In life and in work, we encounter problems, challenges, and opportunities. In this session, attendees learn ground rules, thinking tools and experience the power that comes when we separate idea generation from idea evaluation. This "dynamic balance" between divergent thinking (a broad search for many diverse and novel alternatives) and convergent thinking (focused and affirmative evaluation of alternatives) is the crux of critical thinking and creative problem solving. When teams commit to this balance, things like stakeholder engagement, stakeholder identification, risk assessment, requirements collection, Definition of Done and much MUCH more accurate, inclusive and reliable.

This webinar will cover:

After participating in the webinar, participants will be empowered to lead problem solving activities in support of their project objectives.

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*Please note that not all defence IT networks allow access to the virtual platform and in some cases, you may need to access the webinars from a personal device. It is recommended that you log in to the session prior to the start time to ensure your firewall settings are not blocking the virtual platform/audio/video playback.


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